The founders

We are just two guys who are super passionate about blockchain technology and gaming, who set out on a mission to prove play-to-earn does not have to mean boring.

Tom Kønig — CEO / CO - FOUNDER

I like good stories and bad jokes.

An avid consumer of video games since receiving a PlayStation for his fourth birthday in the late 90s, Thomas speaks game development theory as his second language.

For the past ten years, Thomas has worked in corporate and marketing communications, media, and PR. He has also traded and been passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies since 2011. Now he is combining his passions at Pixie Interactive, building games on the blockchain.

Thomas studied journalism at the Danish School of` Media and Journalism. He has been telling stories, asking questions, and engaging people his entire life.

Tom Viking
Wesley Viking
Wesley Peeters — CTO / CO - FOUNDER

I have a deep love for complex systems.

Wesley has been around the blockchain development mill for most of his professional life. While he originally spent some time founding and running an internationally booked creative agency, life eventually recalled him to his real passion, development.

Since then, Wesley has picked up numerous accolades and languages, writing anything from TypeScript and Swift to Rust and Solidity. He also worked at Knaken Cryptohandel, a renowned Dutch crypto exchange with volume in the hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Wesley studied Software Engineering at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

Core team

Without qualified, motivated and incredibly talented people, Pixie Interactive is nothing. Our core team drives innovation, development, conceptualization, business development and marketing, and we are proud to say they execute with battleaxe-like precision.

Max Blom
creative lead

He held a PlayStation controller before he rode a bike. Now he passes on his passion for gaming and inspires people at Pixie as one of many avenues to explore and perfect his art.

Max studied game development at Breda University in the Netherlands.

David Missal
Lead visual artist

A creative and skilled designer with over 5 years of experience working on digital products.

Dave studied Game, Web and App Development at Vancouver Film School and Animation and Game Design at Seneca College.

Cameron Graham

Cameron oversees product development and strategy for a financial services firm in London.

He has worked in equity analysis and micro finance and holds an MA in International Political Economy from King’s College London.